Rage Comic Meme For Facebook Chat

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Rage Comic Meme For Facebook Chat

Rage comic memes are on the rise recently, especially in Facebook. Many individuals made short comics using funny memes, creating comics that  are full of humour; hilarious, and yet so true in the reality. The reason we fell in love with rage comics memes is that most of them are fairly simple, expressed our thoughts and current issue in short storyline. If you are too, like us, addicted to rage comic memes, you can actually use them in your facebook chat.

The method is simple. Copy and paste the code to your facebook chat and it’s done.

Below are some Meme that you can use for Facebook chat:

[[foreveralonecomics]] = forever alone.

[[MegustaMeMe]] = Me Gusta.

[[224812970902314]] = Derp.

[[192644604154319]] = Derpina.

[[149333368464171]] = Yao Ming/Bitch please.

[[168456309878025]] = LoL.

[[100002752520227]] = Okay face.

[[106043532814443]] = Y U NO.

[[116616581692281]] = Trollface.


[[125038607580286]] = Forever alone navidad.

[[125038607580286]] = Forever alone clean.

[[214457085240151]] = Nothing to do here.

[[129627277060203]] = Poker Face.

[[160723207280093]] = Are you f*cking kidding me?

[[ChallengeAceptado]] = challenge Accepted.

[[142670085793927]] = Mother of God.

[[98438140742]] = Socially Awkward penguin.

[[170815706323196]] = Cereal Guy.

[[105387672833401]] = FK Yea.

[[169919399735055]] = Not bad Obama.

[[168040846586189]] = Feel like a Sir.

[[169919399725055]] = Not Bad.

Lamp [[100001256102462]] = Lamp.

The concept is similar if you want to apply it to your own profile or page. Just insert the Facebook ID appeared in the URL of the Facebook profile into bracket like this.     [[Tezeal]]

Try it out!


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