Top 10 Most Useful Firefox Shortcut keys

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Shortcut key is cool and fast! Being a hardcore internet user, I can’t survive without my favourite Firefox shortcut keys. I found it is very troublesome to lift my hand to the mouse. With all due respect, I just feel that the mouse is so damn clumsy!

You might get used to the mouse so much and feel uncomfortable without its presence. In fact, it takes courage and determination to change something conventional, but it’s definitely worth to change. Once you can feel the beauty of shortcut key, raising a cat could be your next consideration!

Top 10 Most Useful Firefox Shortcut keys

As I said earlier, navigate through Firefox’s menu bar or switching tab by moving mouse cursor is wasting of time. It can be done much easier with the helps of shortcut keys. Obviously, there are many but not all are useful as it meant to. Hence, we have done a little homework and summarized the top 10 most useful Firefox shortcut keys to you.

1. Ctrl + Shift + T

When you accidentally close a tab, you may use this shortcut key to undo the closed tab.

2. Ctrl + Shift + N

To undo closed Firefox window.

3. F3 / Ctrl + F

To open word searching feature at bottom of screen, type in your phrase and it’ll locate sentence automatically.

4. Ctrl + T

To open a new tab.

5. Ctrl + [1-9]

 Ctrl + 1 to switch to first tab, and so on. Press Ctrl+9 to switch to the last tab.

6. Ctrl + J

To open downloads window.

7. Alt + D

To bring the cursor to the address bar.

8. Ctrl + K

To bring the mouse cursor to the search bar.

9. Ctrl + Shift + Delete

If you wanted to delete Firefox’s browsing history, cache or cookies. This is the shortcut key you don’t want to miss!

10. Ctrl + Shift + B

To open the bookmark library. Additionally, press Ctrl + B to open left bookmark sidebar.



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