Using Google DNS to Bypass Blocked Websites

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Google DNS is an alternative Domain Name System (DNS) to your current DNS provider. To make it simple, DNS acts as a phonebook that converts hostnames (e.g: into IP addresses. You then use the DNS to “dial” to the particular website that you are accessing.

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Google DNS

In some cases, your government or Internet Service Provider (ISP) might have blacklisted the website. Thus, you are unable to access to it. Using alternative DNS can be quite useful to bypass those blocked website.

Here is some of the reason you should use Google public DNS.

1. Improve security.

2. Speed up your browsing experience.

3. Most importantly, gain access to any website.


Guide to change DNS server:

For Windows users:

1. Open up your control panel.

2. Click into network connections.

3. Find out the active network connection. In my case, I am using wireless connection.

4. Right click the icon and choose properties.

Google DNS to bypass blocked website


4. In general tab, search for Internet protocol (TCP/IP) and click properties.

Google DNS to bypass blocked website


5. Default Internet protocol should be automatically obtain IP address and DNS server address. Here, you change DNS server into and alternative DNS server into

Google DNS to bypass blocked website

5. Press ok and close everything. Right click your active network connection again and repair it to apply changes.

Google DNS to bypass blocked website

 For Mac users:

1. Open up your System Preferences and select Network.

2. Select your active network and click on the Advanced.

Google DNS to bypass blocked website


3.Click on DNS and type add both and into your DNS servers and you are done.

Google DNS to bypass blocked website


Extra notes: There are some other free DNS available, but each might differ in its speeds and security. Still, Google DNS is the most common, and widely used DNS server. Google also implemented various approaches in improving browsing speed (by speeding up DNS lookup) and keeping things safe.



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