Youtube’s Shortcut Keys For Faster Experience [Quick-Tips]

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Albeit lifting the hand from keyboard to mouse is just a small movement of action, but it’s just not in my favor especially when I’m watching Youtube video with the back leaning comfortably in the chair. Scrolling up and down, and moving the cursor with the mouse is tiresome and slow. Hence, in order to keep the thrill surrounding us, we need shortcuts and we got the list for you.

Youtube Shortcut Keys

Please take note that in order for the shortcuts to come effective, you need to click on the player first.

Youtube’s Shortcuts

Home or 0

Back to the beginning of the video


Forward to the last second of video

Numbers 1 to 9

Forward to the 10% to 90% of the video

Left and Right Arrow

Reverse and fast forward. (10% at a time)

Up and Down Arrow

Increasing and decreasing volume.


Play and pause.


Switch to full screen.


Exit full screen.

Hold left key for 2 second, then press the up key.

Play Snake at Youtube video.







We do our best to keep the list as complete as possible, however if you come across any other useful shortcuts for Youtube, please let us know in the comment, and we will update the list accordingly.



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