2 More Websites To Download Free Photos For Commercial Use

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I’m fond of artistic photo and love to collect it digitally in my computer, either for personal viewing pleasure or reserve for future designing project. But being an extremely nitpicker, I only favor high-resolution photo that has each pixel covered with perfect lighting and detail than it deserved. If a photo can’t grab eye from distance, it can never be a good photo anyway.

I’m not a photographer nor possessing any camera except the little lens on the phone. So, I’m always tossed with the same question: Where do you find and download high-resolution photo that is free for personal and particularly commercial use?

Somehow I’m blessed with the knowing to search for good quality photo here and there without spending a dime. We did featured 10 sites to download free photo at the previous post. Today I want to keep our list richer by introducing 2 more websites that allow you to use the photo not only for personal use but commercially as well. All photos are high-resolution and tip-top quality.


Unsplash dedicated all its photos under Public Domain Dedication Creative Commons 0 1.0. In other words, you can use all the photos for whatever purpose you wanted.

Instead of just the typical browse-and-download, Unsplash has also a rather unique way to deliver the photo to you via subscription. It’s a free subscription that will send 10 high-res photo to your email every 10 days. No doubt, it’s one of the neat website I have seen.

Examples of Unsplash’s Photo:

(The photos below have been compressed for fast loading, click on the photo for high-resolution.)

Unsplash-Photo-Example Unsplash-Photo-Example-2 Unsplash-Photo-Example-3 Unsplash-Photo-Example-4


Getrefe is the sister website of Refe that offers free download of photos taken with mobile phone. We tend to be biased that the mobile photo is inferior quality, fuzzy, and low-resolution. Yet, Getrefe will radically change your impression once you stumble upon the website.

If there is any other website on earth you can find the best mobile photo, Getrefe is certainly one of it. Not to mention, all the photos are free for personal and commercial use.

Examples of Getrefe’s Photo:

Getrefe Photo Example (1) Getrefe Photo Example (2) Getrefe Photo Example (3) Getrefe Photo Example (4)


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