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Bypassing the dirty internet censorship has become so easy with Hola – A stellar yet free premium VPN proxy that allows you to access any site from any country without compromising speed and security. Hola stands up from the crowd with its unparalleled features, and the cherry of top is that you can enjoy all these features without paying a dime.

3 Mouse Clicks to Bypass Blocked Site-Hola

In most cases, complexity, speed, and security are the major concerns when we bypass internet censorship using a free VPN or proxy. Unlike other proxy, Hola has done a pretty good job and morphed our concerns into its privilege. Lets see:

User Interface

The killing feature of Hola is its simplicity. It eliminated the needs to do the arduous proxy-setting which could possibly be a nightmare, particularly for a non tech-savvy person. And impressively, it required no registration even for the free user too.

There are 2 ways to run Hola on your computer. Either it can be done via the snap-and-easy browser (Chrome & Firefox) extension, or the versatile Hola software. Both work almost the same, just the software would support all the browser or other programs, although it would take relatively longer times for the installation.

Setting of Hola Free VPN

For what we promised, the “3 mouse clicks to bypass internet censorship” works with the browser extension. After installation, just click on the Hola icon which appeared at the top right corner of the browser, turn it on and then select a VPN. 3 clicks and viola! If you would like to revert to normal, tap on the Hola icon again and just turn it off.

We have also found that Hola has a library of dedicated script to bypass some of the famous site such as Facebook, YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, and more. You can find the complete list at the setting. These scripts are particularly handy as it’s specifically developed to improve the performance for the sites. We did try to use Hola for Netflix with a free account, it streams absurdly perfect!

Hola Unbloker List

Other Features:

In addition to the main feature to bypass blocked site, Hola is bundled with other exceptional features too. Check it out:

Speed – Hola runs on a rather sophisticated framework that we yet to get wind of. But Hola stated that the VPN proxy would increase your internet speed and as the number of user increasing, so does the speed.

Anonymity – Hola is your extended “Incognito Mode”. Once the Hola is turned on, your privacy will be protected. No website, ISP, or government would be able to track your data anymore.

Security – A static IP address is vulnerable to cyber attack. Hola constantly changes your IP address and thus acts a layer of protection.

Bandwidth – Hola server would store a copy of documents passing through it. (Worry not, it doesn’t store your private data.) So next time a user visited to the same website and met certain condition, the stored data would be fetched to you from Hola server directly instead of the origin. This will reduce bandwidth usage, server load and also perceived lag.

Cant wait to give a try? Click here to download Hola. It now supports Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome, Firefox and surprisingly Android as well. For iOS user, we get your ground covered too. Check out the post below:

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If you would like to find out what is VPN proxy and how it works, we strongly suggest you to read the post here. We did cover some of the useful tips and precaution of using a free VPN proxy in the post too.

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We contended the internet should be freed from any political censorship, and this is the reason behind we perpetually share tips or methods to bypass censorship. Do you know one? We would like to hear it at the comments.


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