5 Quality Web Sites To Download Free Music Legally

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Downloading free music from the internet is everyone favourite but surprisingly, not many people know where to download free music in a legal way. Today, we’re going to show you the 5 quality websites that allow you to enjoy the thrill of free music yet remain invulnerable to Recording Industry Association of America(RIAA). One of the site even offers free music for commercial use too. Full list after the jump:

a list of 5 quality web sites to download free music legally

1. MadeLoud

Free music downloads at MadeLoud
You need to sign up as a member before you can download the music for free, and of course the membership wouldn’t cost you a single penny. The ‘Facebook Connect’ feature allows you to share music with your friends, and get daily new music recommendation. Unfortunately, a little fly in the ointment is that your Facebook account won’t not grant access to download, you still need to be member anyway.

MadeLoud believed the music should free from any filter, rather than spoon fed by the commercial-oriented music producer of what they want you to hear. Thus, MadeLoud focuses on music of all genre by the individual musician, and provides a platform to for them to share their music. You can find a lot of unique music than anywhere else in MadeLoud.

2. Free Music Archive (FMA)

Free Music Downloads at FMA

FMA is a big library that contains a diverse range of music’s category, and all the music are constantly contributed by the curators from around the globe. The team of curators composed of freeform radio stations, artist collectives, concert organizer, plus many generous musician, who feel that the free culture not only beneficial for their own pursuit, but to the whole society as well.

Surprisingly, you no need to register to download any free music, but beware of the term of usage stated at each track page. The terms would vary and normally it would only allow for personal use. If you want to have an own custom playlist, and access to the exclusive FMA’s music blog, then you should consider to sign up.

3. Jamendo

Free music downloads at Jamendo

Jamendo offers music under Creative Common license, which means it has the right to share music for free and legally. As well, Jamendo does offer licenses for commercial uses of music, but of course this will cost you some dime.

Jamendo is a hub of 340,000+ free music tracks and the number is growing strong. You can either download the music instantly with your email address or signing up as a member. One excellent feature that caught our eye is that Jamendo allows you to download the album instead of just a single track. Not to mention, BitTorrent is available too!

4. Dig.ccmixter

Download free music at Dig.ccmixter

Surprise, surprise.. Finally, we found a site that offers free music for commercial use without any hidden charge. You can use the music for your Youtube video, websites, documentaries, and even monetize it together with your own project. On top of that, don’t forget to give the credit link to the owner, and start digging your favourite music right now!

5. Amazon

Download free music at Amazon

When we talk about Amazon.com, the first thing comes into everyone mind is, that is a market place to buy and sell goods. Not many people would actually know that, in fact, it is one of the biggest online music store that not only selling music, but it offers many free music for download too.

The free music is divided neatly into 20+ categories, which include some of the famous yet common one, such as: Pop, R&B, Country, Jazz, Blues and many more. Although it has relatively little amount of free song, but nothing to lose to check it out. Who knows you will compile a new favourite playlist there?


It’s illegal and not a long-term solution to download music from an unauthorized site. Moreover, it might not only expose yourself to potential harm, but also in such a way to discourage good musician to continually produce quality music.

Last but not least, please let us know if you know any good and free music sites at the comments, so that we can share it to everyone. Let say no to PIRACY together!



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