8 Websites To Download Retina Display Wallpaper For MacBook Pro Desktop

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The new generation of MacBook Pro is the most pixel-loaded product of Apple, and this serious leap of technology has compacted whopping 5 million pixels into a 15-inch screen panel, or in other words 220 pixel per inch of the screen. It’s obvious that a typical wallpaper is not capable enough to fit the pixel. And since the retina display of the MacBook Pro is a newborn stuff, you hardly find a good source to download a 2880×1800 wallpaper that can fill every single pixel perfectly.

8 websites to download retina display wallpaper for MacBook Pro desktop

Mockup Courtesy of Pixeden

To prevent you from sapping all the energy and time in search engine, we delved in the maze and found a bundle of 8 websites that offer wallpaper specifically designed for retina display. Full creams of crop after the jump:


It’s an artist-based wallpaper site which has recently added a resolution option for new MacBook Pro. To clear your mist of wondering how to create an awesome wallpaper, the site also indicates the devices and programs used for a particular one. Another great feature to take note is that, you can just pay $2 USD dollar to download the whole wallpaper collection at once instead of going through one-by-one.

ScreenShot for InterfaceLIFT website


ScreenShot of wallpaperfx website

Although it has only 120+ wallpaper of retina display for download at this moment, but all are tip-top quality without any minor cracks. Definitely will spice up your gorgeous new MacBook Pro desktop!


ScreenShot of Wallpaperswide Website

WallpaperWide has a big database of wallpaper which is neatly distributed into 25+ categories such as, vintage, artistic, space and more. However, you will need to resize the wallpaper first, because inconveniently it has no specific size for MacBook Pro. Pick a same size ratio of ‘wide 16:10‘, either 3840×2400 or 5120×3200 then resize it to 2880×1800. Some of the free online image editor can execute the resizing much easier.


ScreenShot of Solefield's Retina Wallpaper Pack

Solefield is a beautiful photography site and with the courtesy of the passionate photographer behind – Lauren has dedicated 10 Nature Details Wallpapers in 2880×1800 Resolution! The wallpapers reflect me a quote ‘A light wind swept over the corn, and all nature laughed in the sunshine.’


ScreeShot of Gdefon Website

Yet another typical wallpaper-based website that provides option for retina display. Since it has no sign-up required and it’s free, no harm to have a visit.


ScreenShot of ThePaperWall Website

The site layout is as cool as the wallpapers and is strongly recommended. In addition to the formidable depth of contents, ThePaperWall is loaded with monthly wallpaper contest which you can participate to win a iPod shuffle!


Deviantart is a platform where artists can showcase and discuss the artwork with each other easily. So, it’s really outrageous if you could not find a wallpaper for retina display in such a big online art community. We tried and of course we listed some of our favourite at below:

(Click at the images to download full resolution.)

Hop, Skip and Jump by DaDeceptiveOne

Screenshot of Retina Wallpaper

Shiny Space by Vincee095

Screenshot of Retina Wallpaper

Pluvia by ibRC

Screenshot of Retina Wallpaper

Fern Forest by rimthong

Screenshot of Retina Wallpaper


Flickr is a great rival to Deviantart and well-known for photo sharing. However, if you think Flickr is only a site for photo sharing, then you’re going to miss out a lot of hidden gems – some of the most magnificent wallpaper for your desktop. Here are the proofs and additionally we did compile a wallpaper collection from the resourceful flickr’s database specifically for retina display. Check out both:

Rob Sheridan

ScreenShot of Flickr's Retina Wallpaper


ScreenShot of Flickr's Retina Wallpaper


As I commented before, the new generation of Macbook Pro is the product from the future, and there is no other way but it needs a sleek retina display wallpaper to unveil the full potential of every single pixel. If you’re lucky enough to become an owner of the ‘future product’, we would like to see your retina desktop at the comment. Screenshot to us, folk!



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