Best Websites To Find Free Proxy Server List

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Very often we need a proxy server to do us some favour, and it seems like most people would mind to shell out some dime for a paid proxy at most of the time. Undeniably, free thing is everyone favourite, but again one difficulty arises: Where can I find a free yet RELIABLE proxy server?

Lucky and unlucky, “Uncle Google” has many websites to offer countless of free proxy server list, but some of the sites might not as “clean” as you think. You could easily stumbled upon a malicious site that is spreading malware to its visitor merciless. As a result, you could possibly get infected by the nasty malware without even notice it.

Best list of free proxy server

To avoid those unhappy circumstances, we’re here to dedicate a list of scrutinized websites that offer relatively safer and better proxy server to you. We have tested all the website below with Siteadvisor and Sucuri, and of course all the reports are beautiful.

Although the proxy server given at the sites is not 100% safe, but we have eliminated the possibility of the sites being malice in nature, and we strongly recommend you to understand what is a proxy first before giving a shoot. This is to make sure you can enjoy the privilege of free proxy server without exposing yourself to potential harm. Good luck and have fun!

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Free Proxy Server List (Websites):

1. – (Siteadvisor showed it might be a treat, but Sucuri proved it safe)




















The list is not exhaustive, and we can update the list in anytime if you would like to share any good and free proxy server source. Just let us know at the comments. Thanks!


Please take note that not all the websites are working and safe permanently. The safest way is to perform a site check every time before you visit the website. Nevertheless, hold no responsibilities upon any attempts or infringement done using the proxy servers recommended above. Use it wisely and cautiously!



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  • hiva

    my friend
    I’m in prison internet of iran
    please sent me all link proxy

  • rk

    get me proxy link as it’s ban r colg by sonic security plz.!

  • Afresh

    I m in iran plz send proxy for me tanx

  • armalinda

    am from camroon please sent me proxy site please

  • titodani titodani is very good and fast proxy

    • wkai

      It should work!

  • cucko0snest is a new proxy list website
    also a good fast proxy is at with IPv6 support, and TOR network browsing options

  • azeem asghar

    I see proxy site list that given on up lines.if you need complete detail regarding PFSense proxy server visit given below link.This proxy is so good.
    PFSense Proxy Servers

  • Tung Nguyen

    Im beleive this is best:

  • Tung Nguyen

    Should using fresh and unblack listed proxy servers. Im high recommended using socks or SSH port forwarding. With the SSH Tunnel ou can get high speed and fresh and longer livetime (none blacklist) ip address ??. You can refering this url for SSH Tunnel

    Yes, you can also consider for using VPN. Should using premium VPN. Use Free VPN if you like freebie :)

    Rest solution is using Web Proxy, Socks or Free Proxy servers List :)