Change Proxy in Google Chrome To Access Blocked Web Sites

W.K —  November 30, 2011 — 1 Comment

Changing proxy setting can help you to access blocked website, watch restricted YouTube video, hide your ip address, remain anonymous, and many more. By default, Internet browser automatically detects proxy settings, and you can change the proxy setting at each browser option.

How To Change Proxy in Chrome

However, It is recommended to change proxy via proxy switcher plugin or add-on, instead of doing all the tedious work at browser option. A good proxy switcher allows you to manage and switch between multiple proxy quickly and easily. After few times of filling up and emptying the recycle bin, we discovered ‘Proxy Switchy!‘ is one of the best Chrome proxy switcher in the world that encompasses various necessary and advanced function.

Likewise, proxy is like a double-edged sword; when it capable to help you achieve certain things, it can also harm you easily in an unexpected way. Hence, it is important to know the tool inside out (How a Proxy Server System Works and Why Should You Use Proxy Server?) before start using it. After all the ado, let us show you how to change proxy using Proxy Switchy in Chrome.

Here’s how:

1. Download and install ‘Proxy Switchy!‘ at your Chrome Browser.

2. Create and name your Profile.

How to change proxy in Chrome

3. Choose your preferred free HTTP Proxy from the proxy server list or any premium proxy you subscribed. (Fresh proxy is always recommended for better performance)

4. Copy the proxy and port number and paste it at the Manual Configuration. ( Normally, the 2 or 4 digits behind the proxy are the port number.) Don’t forget to Save it, and you have a new profile now.

5. After that, you’ll notice an Earth Icon at the upper right corner of the browser. Press it, and select the profile you created. That’s it! It’s done and you’re browsing the web via the new proxy.

How to change proxy in Chrome

P.S. If you do not want to use other proxy, you can easily switch back to the default setting by selecting the Direct Connection.



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