Enable Facebook Timeline With A Single ‘Magic’ Click

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Finally! The Facebook timeline is on the global ground and available to all Facebook users now. After months of waiting, Facebook has made the setup much more easier. You need not to become Facebook app developer nor to do the troublesome OpenGraph setting. Just as the tittle denotes, it’s done in a single magic click!

Enable Facebook Timeline in single click

Little Thought About Facebook Timeline

In case you don’t know, Facebook Timeline is a new interface of profile display to showcase the Facebook history of yours. It’s more like a Story Book of your whole Facebook life span, and your friends can easily browse through your activities at a particular day as well as your embarrassing old post too. This obviously is the drawback of this snazzy interface that have raised concern to the controversial Facebook privacy issue again. However, worry not, Facebook allows you to edit your Timeline before it goes publish within 7 days. In other words, you can delete the ‘not-wanted’ post one-by-one by clicking the pen tool beside, and hopefully you don’t not have much, otherwise it could take forever. I strongly wish Facebook can take this issue seriously and give us a better Timeline’s experience though!

No doubt, the great feature I like most about Timeline is the ‘Cover’. The Timeline cover is the header image on top of your profile that you can customize easily. You can either choose the image from your current album or upload from your hard drive. If you like to design the image yourself, the best image size for Timeline Cover is 851px wide and 315px height. Otherwise, you can also drop by facebookprofilecovers to grab some free Cover. After all, the only barrier is your imagination and Facebook Timeline is definitely one of the best place to let your imagination runs WILD!

The ‘Magic’ Click

Enable Facebook Timeline with Magic Click

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The Timeline feature is also available at the iOS platform now. But of course, you’ll need to enable it at the desktop version first before having the new feature at your portable ‘i-device’.  Without further ado, this is how you can enable your snazzy Facebook Timeline:

1. Go to this Timeline Activator.

2. Press ‘Get Timeline’.

3. Press ‘ Publish Now’ and you’re done! (Remember to edit before publish, you have 7 days!)



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