How a Proxy Server System Works and Why Should You Use Proxy Server?

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How Proxy Server Works?

Before you start using any proxy server, you should know briefly what is a proxy server and how a proxy server works? Interestingly, there is nothing illegal about using a proxy server.

Proxies are stored-and-forward caches and proxy server is a middle man between the user(you) and the web server(Internet). When you configured your browser to use proxy, you actually command the browser to communicate/connect to the proxy server, instead of connect to the URL directly.

Analogy: Just imagine the postman is the proxy server. You can either choose to deliver the mail to your friend via the postman or drive your own self to your friend house. Ironically, the postman might save you from any accident, and perhaps your friend won’t know who the sender is. Most importantly, police would not stop the postman.

Picture tells thousand words

Connection with proxy server:

How proxy server works?

Normal connection without proxy server:

connection without proxy server


5 reasons why you should use proxy server?


We all believe internet is a continent of freedom, and it should be freed from the pollution of government policy, and the most retarded company filtering. With proxy server, you can unblock the web filter and access to your favorite site without any restriction.


Every time you connect to internet, your computer will generate a unique IP number which will reveal your private information to others. This information could be your location, internet service provider and your browsing habits. Using a proxy server allows you to surf the Internet or use Internet-based software totally anonymous to keep off them effectively.

Speed Booster

A proxy server would store a cached copy of a particular website you visit for the first time. Hence, the second time you revisit to the same website, the proxy server can call up its cached copy instead of having to send another request to the main server. This speeds up data transmission and also reduces server load.

Lesser Bandwidth

As described above, the proxy server will deliver a cached copy of the website to you instead of using bandwidth to retrieve the website from the hosted server. This is especially useful for the users who have the limited amount of bandwidth provided by the ISP.


Proxy Server acts as a security guard to protect you from the unexpectedly malware and virus attack. In other words, proxy servers can filter out malicious content in websites easily to prevent “browse-by” malware infections.

In addition, most of the good proxy server will enhance your security by providing you the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). SSL or sometimes called HTTPs proxy is the extra layer of security that encrypts all the coming in and going out information to prevent unauthorized access. This makes the connection between the user and the remote server more secure.

Important to know:

When a tool is designed to benefit you in so many ways, it can harm you easily using the same method either. When you use a proxy server, your personal information is sent to that server, and the owner can capture all that information unauthorized. After that, you wouldn’t want to know what will happen, if a theft got your banking account or email password.

Therefore, it is very important for you to choose a trustworthy proxy server provider, and of course, good things never come free! For those who feel free proxy server is good enough, our advice to you is never implementing proxy accounts when dealing with private information or money-related purposes. In other words, you can always use proxy server to watch country-blocked video or visit website which is not required login information.



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