[How to] Restore Firefox to the Default Setting Using Safe Mode

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how to restore firefox to default using safe mode

When I wrote a post about the “Ultimate Guide To Make Firefox Load Faster Than Ever”, I was thinking it’s good to know how to restore Firefox to default setting before proceed to the tweak. It’s just like to have a backup plan, so that you can execute any imaginable tweak without any worries holding back behind.

First step to restore Firefox to default setting  is to launch your Firefox in Safe Mode:

Firefox run safe mode

  1. Close all the Firefox window completely. If not, you are unable to launch Firefox in Safe mode.
  2. Press Window key and R together in your desktop to open the Run function. For Window XP user, you can locate the Run function shortcut at your Start menu (Start > Run)  either.
  3. Enter“firefox -safe-mode” at the Run function and press OK.
  4. Once you have started Firefox in Safe mode, the following window will prompt to you. Here, you can choose what you want to  be brought back to default setting by checking of the following option boxes.

Description of the Safe Mode Option:

Firefox Safe Mode to restore default

  • Disable all add-ons – Disables all extensions and themes.
  • Reset toolbars and controls – Restores your toolbar to default setting by remove any made customization.
  • Delete all bookmarks except for backups – Replaces your current set of bookmarks with the original default bookmarks.
  • Reset all user preferences to Firefox defaults – Restores the options, preference settings, and the theme back to the original default settings. It reset all the entries in “about:config” back to their original default settings and remove any custom entries that you have added either.
  • Restore default search engines – Restores all the original default search engines (Google, Yahoo, eBay, Creative Commons, Answers.com, and Amazon.com) without removing any extra added search engines.

Select what you wanted to restore back to default and then press “Make Changes and Restart”.

If everything is done accordingly, you will have a default setting Firefox, just like a new installed Firefox.



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