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Carbonite and Mozy are fierce competitors in the online storage industry. Both companies promise simple online backup at affordable prices. In this Carbonite vs. Mozy comparison, we’ll look at the features, pricing plans and overall usefulness of both companies.

Right up front, I’ll tell you that both companies are reputable backup solutions. You won’t go too far wrong with either company. These companies do have their own unique pros and cons however, so read on to see which backup solution is the best for you.

Comparison between Mozy and Carbonite


Carbonite is a pretty straightforward online backup service. It offers unlimited online backup for a single computer for a flat $59 per year. You can back up any amount of information and never have to worry about running out of space or being charged for heavy use. All you do is pay, install and back up.

The Carbonite software performs automatic backups at regular intervals. You can choose to have it back up files any time changes are detected or to have it perform backups on a set schedule. Once you get it installed, you’re done. If anything happens to your primary computer, you can log in to your Carbonite account online to view and download your backup files.

Mozy does things a little differently. Instead of giving you unlimited backup space, Mozy has pricing plans based on the amount of storage space that you need. This is a disadvantage compared to Carbonite, but Mozy makes up for it with additional features such as file syncing and a data shuffle service.

The data shuffle feature is nice for customers with large backup sets. If you have a massive amount of data and don’t want to spend all week uploading everything, Mozy can send a USB drive to your office. You can then transfer everything over to the drive and then send it back to Mozy in the mail.

Mozy Stash is a file syncing tool that comes with its own storage space. This feature allows customers to create a shared folder on every device that they own. With Mozy stash, you don’t need to transfer files between computers via USB or e-mail.

Pricing Plans

Carbonite is definitely the cheaper service of the two. For just $59 a year, you get unlimited online backup for one computer. There are no fees for using too much space or for transferring too much data. The pricing plan is cheap and easy to understand. If your primary concern is backing up essential files without a bunch of bells and whistles, Carbonite is the way to go.

Mozy is a little more expensive. It starts out at $5.99 per month for 50 GB or $9.99 per month for 125 GB. You can add more space to your account at a rate of $2 per month for 20 GB. The advantage to using Mozy is that it comes with a file syncing tool that can be attached to multiple computers.

In Their Own Words

It’s one thing for me to express my opinion, but I would also like to let both companies speak for themselves. Both Carbonite and Mozy have their own YouTube channels and here’s a quick clip from each:
Carbonite Overview

Mozy Overview

So which is the best?

This is a tough one to answer because much of it depends on your needs. Carbonite is pretty basic but it’s cheap and unlimited. The one concern I have about Carbonite is that back in 2009, they suffered a major data loss episode. They have maintained a great reputation since then, but that would weigh in on my decision.

Mozy has a proven track record and comes with a few extra features. Even though it is more expensive, I’m inclined to go with Mozy because it’s not overly expensive and it comes with an additional file syncing tool. I also like the mobile app that Mozy offers free to Smartphone users.

If I had to pick just one online backup service for all of my files, I would go with Mozy. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with Carbonite, though. Both companies offer free trials that you can use to make your own decision. If Carbonite ends up being the right fit for you, I’m sure you will be happy with the decision.

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