Get Rain Forecast Alert To Your Email Automatically

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Although April showers bring May flowers, an unplanned or unexpected raining weather does catch you off-guard and bring more nagging trouble than fun. Particularly when you’re at an outdoor activity where the atmosphere is compacted with absolutely amusement, the shower is nothing more than a disappointment though. Whether it is barely drizzling or raining cats and dogs, a weather (rain) forecast will ensure everything is in good hand as planned. However, checking weather forecast manually can be a tedious routine and you just don’t want to do it everyday.

Get Rain Forecast Alert To Your Email Automatically

So in order to keep thing goes as planed without spending our precious time, we need a powerful tool (web application) to alert us automatically whenever it will be a raining condition tomorrow. IFTTT is a free tool we used to command the internet to work for us, and with the proper setting, IFTTT will push an alert to your preset email whenever the rain or other weather condition hits the forecast. It sounds pretty handy, doesn’t it?

Before we can enjoy the incredibly useful feature, we need to do a bit of setting and this is how we’re going to do about it:

1. Sign-up an account at IFTTT.

2. Activate the ‘Weather‘ and ‘Email‘ channel. Don’t forget to configure which email you want to receive the alert.

3. Use this recipe. Otherwise you can always create one by yourself easily.

4. Try to trigger the recipe by pressing ‘Check Now’ at your ‘Personal Recipe’. You should able to get an alert at your inbox now.

5. That’s it. You will receive the rain alert automatically before you get washed!

More Tips:

Get rain forecast alert to your Twitter automatically.

Get Rain Forecast Alert To Your Twitter Automatically

Get rain forecast alert to your Facebook automatically.

Get Rain Forecast Alert To Your Facebook Automatically

Get rain forecast alert via SMS automatically.

Get Rain Forecast Alert Via SMS Automatically

Instead of just getting alert to your email, it can be done through other channel too. And we shared a few of recipes here which we think particularly handy:

Remember you can always create a recipe to suit yourself, and of course we would like to see the creative one.



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