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The whoop-and-holler filled the air after the announcement of iPhone 5, and no doubt it was a boom! People queued up and bought an iPhone 5 with various reasons or purely because is a loyal fan of  Apple’s product. What is next then?

The unsightly crack or nick on the sleek iPhone 5 body result of the butter-finger is a nightmare that haunts every iPhone user. So, the next is to buy a proper case for your new neat-looking iPhone 5 that gives an adequate protection and at the meantime to showcase your personality style. It’s a wise investment though!

A question arises as where is the best place to buy a case for iPhone 5? ‘Online’ or internet might not be a best place, but clearly it has few indisputable advantages. You can easily do a comparison, get suggestions from the reviews, and possibly a discounted price. To make it even easier for you, we have compiled a ‘cream-of-crop’ list that covered the best sites of selling cases for iPhone 5 online:

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Price Range: $59 to $129+ USD

Buy iPhone 5 Case Online

Do you ever imagine to have an iPhone case that is made of bamboo and plant fiber composite? If you’re a person who loves the tenets of naturalism as I do, then Grove might be your first choice.

Grove is obviously not a bamboo nursery but it’s well-known for making and selling iPhone case which is nature-friendly since the 3GS era. And now, it expands the series to iPhone 5. As mentioned, all the cases are made of 100% natural material, and have a variety options of beautiful design. Not to mention the new case for iPhone 5 is much stronger and durable than before too.

Hand sanded and oiled to a craftsmanlike quality!

You’re allowed to have a unique and custom design for the case too, but of course you would need to shell out a little more penny for the service. Nevertheless, don’t forget to check out the warranty policy and the Case Replacement Program, which could be in favor of your consideration.


Price Range: $20 to $40 USD

Buy iPhone 5 Case Online

Incipio is an award-winning company that designs and manufactures mobile device accessories; it offers ingenious casing for a wide range of electronic device, and of course including what we have concerned about – iPhone 5. The design of the casing is leaning toward minimalism and contemporaneity which fits perfectly with the concept of Apple.


Price Range: $19 to $75 USD

Buy iPhone 5 Case Online

“It’s all about 5”, said Griffin. Being at the front line since 1992, Grifin is no doubt one of the top guns in manufacturing and design accessories for various famous gadget. This time, Grifin has diversified its technology and long-accumulated experience to iPhone 5. It has different types of casing to suit all users, ranging from military-duty grade to ultra-thin hard-shell case. You should really drop a visit!


Price Range: $40 to $4000+ USD

Buy iPhone 5 Case Online

Zazzle is focusing more on the design of painting rather than the type of case. You can literally find all kinds of printing on iPhone case at Zazzle. It has more than 50k+ options! If  these are still not enough, Zazzle also provides services in collaboration with Casemate to design your own case with just $39.95 and $44.95.


Price Range: $30 to $70+ USD

Buy iPhone 5 Case Online

The premium Smartphone casing manufacturer has opened up a new window for the iPhone 5 and it has the most artistic collection of casing on the earth at the moment. If you have no idea what casing to pick for your iPhone 5, Casemate has made it much easier for you by matching a case to your favorite outfit. It’s nothing to lose to give it a try after all.

Another great feature provided by Casemate that I would regret if I don’t recommend to you is the dedicated web apps to design your own iPhone casing. And of course Casemate will physicalize it after the design is complete. This is one of the most beautiful and intuitive web apps you should give it a try too.


Price Range: $25 to $40 USD

Buy iPhone 5 Case Online

In trying to boil down the best brand (and site) of iPhone5’s casing, Speck is definitely inside the list. Founded in 2001, Speck has been constantly striving to craft the best case and as a result of this,it has a slew of iPhone 5 casing at the site, which cover both functionality and esthetics.


Price Range: $14 to $40 USD

Buy iPhone 5 Case Online

When we look for an iPhone casing, the appearance would first catch our attention and then we wanted to grab and feel it in our hand. Belkin is definitely on the cutting edge of these factors which constantly putting a great punch on aesthetic as well as improving the gripping material for the cases. So, there is no reason preventing you at least to drop a visit.


Price Range: $38 USD 

Buy iPhone 5 Case Online

You might not have this crossing your mind but this is a special thingy: Sprucing up with a T-shirt of same design with your iPhone case could really add some spice to your daily outfit.

Threadless has only one type of iPhone 5 casing: one-piece polymer blend hard case, and this is obviously not a reason you want to visit the site. However, what makes you spend the time there is the variety of design or printing on the case and the cool part is each of the printing is incorporated to the T-shirt as well. So while you are buying an iPhone 5 case, you could have a T-shirt of same design too.


Price Range: $20 to $40 USD

Buy iPhone 5 Case Online

A commitment to approachable fashion and customer-centric design have been the hallmarks of X-Doria’s casing for iPhone. All X-Doria cases provide a stylish and functional design, while keeping your device protected at all times. Proudly to say that, I’m the big fans of X-Doria and 120% satisfied with its quality.


Price Range: $15 to $25 USD 

Buy iPhone 5 Case Online

Leather case has captured the heart of many because it’s not only durable but also very stylish and attractive to look at. TheSnugg is the perfect site for you if you are one of them who lean toward suede and leather pouch case for the iPhone 5.


Price Range: $25 to $50 USD

Buy iPhone 5 Case Online

Otterbox has been doing great research to consistently improve the protection of Smartphone. This time, it extends its technology to the iPhone 5 by introducing 4 different series: Defender, Commuter, Reflex, and Prefix. Each of the series differs in feature, function, as well as the degree of protection. In nutshell, OtterBox cases are decidedly tough and rugged.


Price Range: $35 to $50 USD

Buy iPhone 5 Case Online

“We create products to protect and enhance the technology that is essential to our lives. Incase products promote design simplicity and offer intuitive functionality to provide users with a fully integrated mobile experience – Incase.”

The quality is never a question for Incase and if the case is not fulfilling your expectation and you wanted to return it within 30 days, Incase would never ask a question too. On top of that, don’t forget to check out the ‘Range iPhone 5 pouch’ which does mesmerize me a lot.


Price Range: $30 to $70 USD

Buy iPhone 5 Case Online

Yet another specialized site that focuses on premium leather case for iPhone 5. It is not an exaggeration to say that Sena knows leather better than anyone else. Each of the Sena case is handcrafted by leather artisans in Turkey using the premium-quality Italian leathers. Nevertheless, Sena cases are offered in classic smooth leather and patterned leather to suit a wide range of consumer. Tired of cheap plastic cases? Then you should look inside.


Price Range: $22 to $28 USD

Buy iPhone 5 Case Online

“XtremeMac products are developed for Apple enthusiasts by Apple enthusiasts – Xtrememac”

The cases are flavorful! It glows in the night and glitters in the light. XtremeMac has the most dazzling design of iPhone 5 case that incorporated the latest gradient color trend in its collection.


Price Range: $15 to $220 USD

Buy iPhone 5 Case Online

If the appearance of iPhone 5 looks too dreary for you, then UltraCase has the solution; it brings colorful-chic to your iPhone together with plenty of detailed patterns and styles. Another thing you might not see before is its exclusive Ultra Skin which has a dedicated wallpaper to complement your iPhone.


Price Range: $35 to $50 USD

Buy iPhone 5 Case Online

iPhone 5 got its style nailed, but can you resonate your personalized style with it? Redbuble has a whopping 95k+ design for iPhone 5 casing, and out of that you can certainly find the style that suits. But do not get confused, we are talking the design of printing on the iPhone case rather than the type, in which Redbubble has only two. In short, it is a similar site like Threadless we mentioned on top.


Price Range: $25 to $35 USD

Buy iPhone 5 Case Online

As Marware has just explored the new line for iPhone 5, it has relatively little option for iPhone 5 casing, but the current ones do make a quality punch with a reasonable price. Worth a visit though!


Price Range: $35 USD

Buy iPhone 5 Case Online

Stumbled upon a beautiful site, and the next second my eye was caught by the more beautiful cases surrounding the theme of minimalism. And yes, this is Sonix!


Price Range: $20 USD to $60USD

Buy iPhone 5 Case Online

‘Innovative lifestyle, unquestionable value – iLuv

You no longer require a night vision goggle if you buy a case from iLuv. Don’t get what I’m saying? Check out the Aurora and Snoopy Glow case series.


Price Range: Started as low as $1.25USD

Buy iPhone 5 Case Online

Are you searching for a low-cost casing for your iPhone 5? Focalprice is a China’s leading B2C e-Commerce export site that sells really cheap iPhone 5 cases in different design and model. The quality might be in doubt but more importantly you can always have the fresh look for your iPhone. After all, nothing can be harmed by a penny.


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