5 Creative Ways to Wish Happy Birthday Using HTML 5 Web Application

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 wish happy birthday using HTML 5 web application

Today is the HTML 5 era, and the entire web ecosystem is getting cool. You may still want to wish happy birthday to your friend in such a conventional or traditional style, or you can get your wishes done with the little helps from the powerful HTML 5.

Rather than sending birthday E-cards in a usual way, the 5 web applications recommended below will make your wishes more impressive, creative and sincere too. It may sound like I’m talking in riddle, why wouldn’t you give it a try first? I assure you will have fun!




HTML 5 Sketch

Sketch allows you to draw or write your birthday wishes in 3D  animating lines. The coolest feature of this web application is the Vibration. You can either decide the degree of vibration of your drawing or just leave it at static state. After you have completed your drawing, you can share it or send the link to your love one and the receiver will appreciate the whole process of how you sketch it from the very first mark.

In addition, there’s also a gallery that highlights some of the most popular sketches and the great part is, you can actually merge those sketches with your own. This makes your drawing look good even you are not professional artist. Meanwhile, why don’t you have a peek of my Sketch? (Beware! I’m a lousy sketcher.) :)

JS Fireworks


 wish birthday using fireworks

Have you ever thought to plan a romantic firework for the person you love? I wouldn’t say JS Fireworks is impressive enough to replace the real show, but it actually well enough to act as a teaser, though.

As the name implies, JS Fireworks can transform your wishes or wording into a firework, which is shareable to anyone. Apart from that, you are able to adjust 3 parameters (Speed, Gravity, Blast radius) easily, which would directly control the appearance of your firework either. Believe me, this is one of the coolest web app you don’t want to miss.

Check out my fireworks too!

All Is Not Lost

Use All Is Not Lost to wish happy birthday

All Is Not Lost is a big leap of advancement in web app development, as a result of collaboration between Google and OK Go. The simple yet creative of Google style can be seen clearly within this application, which only required the message or birthday wishes input to produce a sophisticated  video.

As simple as I said, all you need to do is just enter a message to be danced out within the song. After that, you can either choose to watch the default music video by pressing ‘Play all’ or just play the ‘Message only’, and of course, this is shareable.

Before you give it a shot, why not have a look at my ‘All Is Not Lost’ first ‘?


 Use FlowerPower to wish birthday

FlowerPower is a drawing tool inspired by colourful nature and allows you to write or draw anything, which is imaginable. This web application is so easy to use, and anyone could create stunning image within seconds. Furthermore, you would have full control on 4 different parameters (Size, Petals, Bezier, Colour) to emphasize the uniqueness of your drawing.

Even though no sharing feature is available, you still can save it in .png format and then email or print it to friends later. If I am only allowed to use one word to describe this application, it would definitely be ‘Poetry’.

Google Doodle Les Paul guitar

 Use google doodle to play birthday song

Nothing could be better than to play a birthday song to your love one during his/her birthday. But what happened if he/she is abroad or across the pacific ocean? Of course, you can spend ‘few dollars’ to buy an air ticket anytime. Alternatively, you can opt to the free product provided by Uncle Google using HTML 5. All you need is just a browser, internet connection and the birthday song’s ‘tab’, which is already given below.

Google Doodle Birthday Song ‘Tab’: 112143 112154 1186432 776454 (Click here for sample)

Simple enough, all you need to do is play the song in accordance with the tab given, record it, and then share the link!



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