Check Visa Requirement Online Instantly With VisaMapper

W.K —  December 31, 2013 — Leave a comment

Even for the experienced traveller, planning for a perfect trip is an arduous endeavor. Not to mention to get inundated by the variety of hotel choices while trying to nail the budget at the same time, visa requirement is just another important thing in the check list too.


Confusion even added when the visa requirement varies for different citizen, and it seems there is no an explicit and convenient way to check it out except referring to the relevant embassy in the old days. Now of course a better solution that we can’t wait to introduce to you is Visamapper.

Visamapper is a web application that allow user to instantly check the visa requirement for all country in a rather beautiful visual way. The map-based interface would display various color for different requirement. You just have to input your citizenship.

Visamapper works by harnessing all the user inputs via voting and display to everyone. Therefore, you might find some of the country is colored with black due to insufficient data at this moment. To contribute to the community you can also share the visa information of the country you familiar with.

P.S: Please be reminded you should always refer to the authority for a reliable and latest travelling requirement especially when you found the country has less data.


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