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We were lying through our teeth each time we ticked the little box of “I Have Read And Understood the Terms of Service”. In fact we just probably treated it as yet another procedure to proceed. This is no doubt the biggest lie of the Web, and ironically we just aware of it.

Terms of Service; Didn’t Read

Candidly, most of the Terms of Service is written with excessive amount of legal terminology which is also long enough to deter the general reader. It’s however imperative to at least get a grasp prior making any agreement, particularly in the case that involved our right and privacy. TOSDR is here to cut your understanding curve for the daunting thousand words.

TOSDR is the short of “Terms of Service; Didn’t Read” – a web application to summarize the long monotony Terms of Service into a reader-friendly rating. Each rating is categorized based on the level of favor to the visitor. In a nutshell, TOSDR would just show you what is essential to be known.

In order to aware of what is happening behind the website interface, just install the TOSDR as an extension or add-on to the browser, and click on the neat icon when you stumbled upon a website. It would instantly tell you the rating of each of the visited website. But if the website is not in the database, then it would just remain idle.

It seems TL;DR – Too Long; Dont Read no longer applicable to TOSDR! Yet another pretty nifty web apps uh?!


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