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It’s an era of speed, there is a perpetual need to think fast, act fast, and also type fast. Alas not everyone is a typist. It took times and rounds of practice to become one. In this case, a dictation tool becomes particularly useful.

A dictation tool is a speech recognition tool to transcribe your voice into words. You can use it to dictate search queries, compose email and even to the extent of blogging. Online dictation tool turns up a notch to add few extra advantage. Not only it is free, lighter, but it skips the hassle installation process too. A microphone and a connected internet browser are all you required to use it on the go.

A very interesting study showed that the average workers spend nearly 4 hours per day writing email with average typing speed of 33 words per minute. Whereas the dictation tools could reach a speed of 100 words per minute.

After sifted through the maze, we have found the best 2 online dictation tools as below:

Digital Inspiration

Best Online Dictation Tools

It’s one of the tech project founded by the famous blogger cum developer, Amit Agarwal. In addition to the typical dictation feature, it has few voice command like:

  • Say “new sentence” to begin a new sentence. Dictation will automatically add a period to the previous sentence and capitalizes the first letter of your new sentence.
  • Say “new paragraph” to move the cursor to the next paragraph.
  • Say “stop listening” to exit the dictation mode. If you wish to resume recording, hit the “Start” button again.

Chad Fullerton

Online Dictation Tools

Also founded by a famous tech blogger Chad Fullerton, it has a minimalist design and works exactly the same with the previous one. Just bookmark it as an alternative option.


The online dictation tool is a new technology and still has plenty room of improvement. From my experience, it is a bit less responsive and such a drawback makes it only values in short form dictation. For long phrase, typing is still a better option for the time being.

Another fly in the ointment is that the tools do not work with other browser other than Google Chrome, nor mobile too. If you found one, please do share with us.


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