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Piktochart is a web-based tool to create beautiful yet interactive infographic in a cinch. Rather than designing an infographic in a stereotypical way, which required highly meticulous and technical endeavor, Piktochart gives you more room of attention at the data preparation, and minimize the effort to present the information in an attractive manner. Most importantly, you can get it free!

Free and simple tool to create infographic

Meet the co-founders – Ai Ching and Andrea Zaggia, both of them are in the mission to simplify information and make it exciting to everyone. They strongly believe that the new era of information presentation should be in a form of infographic, which is fun to read and worth to share, albeit not many people are open enough to accept it right now.

Without any further ado, lets check out how Piktochart generates a picture that tells thousands of words:


The neatly organized and drag-and-drop interface is what makes Piktochart a prominent star among the crowd. It incorporates all the essential image editing features such as, image rotation, layering, colour overlay, zooming and more at the top. At the side of the interface, you can easily change the theme, font style, colour scheme, adding shapes and graphics. Basically, the interface itself is a silent-teacher, you wouldn’t need any instruction manual or possess an exceptional Photoshop skill to use it. Just spend some times to play around, you should able to get it in hand.

Getting Started & Features

You can either register a free account or log in with your Facebook or Twitter account. After that, you will be redirected to a page where you can choose an appropriate theme, and the next you can start to let your imagination runs wild.

The coolest feature I love most is the theme flexibility. Piktochart provides a diverse range of theme for user to pick , so that you will not start from a scratch. Furthermore, each theme has different colour schemes to further enhance the uniqueness and customization.

Piktochart's Interface

As well, you can find pretty nice graphic and shapes at the default Piktochart’s inventory. Simply drag and drop, and you can add blasting elements to your infographic. Otherwise, if you think the pre-made image is somehow limiting your creativity, you can always upload and use your own images or pictures!

At time, you just need a coffee break to acquire more brain juice to generate a finest art pieces. Saving the half-completed infographic in the Piktochart’s server would not only give you peaceful break, but at the meantime, to provide some sort of cloud computing service, which allows you to access it with any PC at anywhere.

You’ve completed the whole design and ready to get it viral! So, what is next? Now, you can either download the infographic as image (.png) file, HTML or Raw Data (XML format). If you have encountered any bugs or technical difficulties while you are using the application, you can easily get support by sending the Raw Data to the technical support team of Piktochart. The HTML option is particularly useful for website or weblog, as it is search engine friendly and hence will improve the SEO. It is pretty versatile, isn’t it?

Free Vs Paid..

Piktochart's Pricing

The free plan is just for the purpose of testing the water temperature, and frankly, it’s cool but just not enough. There are various limitations imposed, for instance, it comprised only 3 free themes, and only low-resolution image file is available for download. If you are serious to create a beautiful infographic, you should really consider to shell out some dime for the upgrade, and we definitely think it is worthy! Nonetheless, don’t forget to check out the special price offered for educator and student, it’s really cheap though.


Piktochart has reminded me a statement “Deliver sophistication in a simplest way”, and no doubt, it has gratified the most important attribute of a web application – simplicity! Furthermore, it’s really good to see a startup from Malaysia glowing at the international platform. Good job Piktochart and we share the proud to have it as our’s ‘Web App of the Month”!

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