Screenr – A Free Screencast Web App To Record Desktop Motion

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Free Screencast Web App To Record Desktop Motion

Ours featured ‘Web App of the Month’ – Screenr is a free tool to screencast the PC desktop motion without any software setup. A bit confused what is screencast? Screencast a.k.a video screen capture, basically is to record anything you can see from your computer’s desktop, and this is how others create a fancy ‘how-to’ tutorial video at Youtube. Be warned though, you may want to uninstall other video screen capture software, which are exploiting your computer’s resources constantly, after using Screenr!

Getting Started

Couple of simple things you require to discover the full potential of Screenr: An Internet browser, an Internet-connected PC, a microphone, and latest Java. Beyond that, you would also need to sign up as a member via Google, Facebook, Twitter, or Yahoo, and unfortunately, there is no other alternative way. But, I think most of the people should have involved in one of these social networking, and it ain’t a big deal though.

Start the Screencast

After signing up as member, you can now start to let your imaginations run wild for the screencast. In fact, the ‘How-To-Use’ instruction is being shown clearly at the homepage. All you got to do is to punch the red recording button at the homepage and you’ll be directed to a new page, where you need to allow the Java plugin.

Screenr - Resize the Screencast Window

When everything is ready, a screencast window will pop out, and you can either resize the window to any size you like by dragging the window edge, or choose the pre-configured sizes that included the full screen too. If you wanted to record your voice as well, kindly check the microphone is plugged in and working.  Do remember, for free account, you’ll have maximum 5 minutes to record the video, which I think it’s comfortable for most people.

Once you finished the recording, you can preview the video before it goes live. As well, you can write a beautiful description to the video to tell others what’s your video about.

Sharing is caring!

Screenr - Share and Download the Screencast

One of the best feature I like about Screenr is the sharing function. You can easily share the hi-resolution video to everyone through Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and even download it to your hard-drive as mp4 file for other purposes. If you’re a webmaster, there is also an embed code for you to integrate the video to your website. Besides, other members are allowed to post comment about your video once it is published. It’s especially useful when you want to get the signal or feedback from others.

Conclusion and Tips

Unfortunately, everyone can get access to your screencast under the radar, and you’re not allowed to make it private, unless you purchase the PRO version, which has many more awesome feature too. If I’m allowed to suggest a feature for Screenr, I would definitely like too see an integration function of audio file in future. It’s will be more versatile if we can upload our own audio to the video directly, instead of depending solely on microphone.

Tip 1: You’re allowed to have a feel of it by doing a test screencast, albeit you haven’t signed up as member. But of course, you’re not able to share it nor download it.

Tip 2: You can record any audio output from the computer’s speaker using the microphone to add some noise to your screencast. I have tried this and the result is not bad though.

On top of everything, Screenr is one of the most magnificent piece of web app I have seen, without any shadow of doubt. Most importantly, it’s free and I would venture to say that the free version is far more enough for most of the people.

Screenr - 4 Stars Tezeal's Rating



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