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Remember we did a review of Piktochart – an intuitive tool to create infographic? Together with the 170k users and the whopping $40k monthly revenue, the Malaysia-based startup has again pitched to a new milestone by rolling out the brand new version today. So what does the tool carries this time? Let’s see…

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Free and simple tool to create infographic

Search Engine Friendly

Surprise, surprise, this is no doubt the most groundbreaking feature that freeze the moment when I stumbled upon it. A Search-Engine-Friendly infographic! How could it be serious?

After digging up, I found the magic lay on an interactive layer. A layer where you can insert text, permalinks, and multiple tabs to separate content viewing on the infographic. So in a nutshell, the search engine is able to crawl your content within an infographic, instead of just process it as an almost weightless image. This is an imperative feature as we all know that a crawlable content would add gravitas to the SEO value and thus solidify the presence of the infographic in the net.

Intuitive UI and Ingenious Library

It takes more than drag-and-drop to outshine nowadays, don’t you think so?

Compared to the previous version, it gives you the overall better flexibility and efficiency to design the infographic. More awesome features are added, such as color customization based on hex number, opacity control, section duplication, rotation and more yet to be discovered.

Piktochart has also included a gigantic and comprehensive library to complement all the features. However, you need to become a Pro Member in order to have full access to the library which has more than 1000+ high-resolution images and icons.

In the new version, you’re allowed to export or download your infographic in the form of SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) too. In other words, you can print out the infographic without worrying about the quality. This is another great leap of innovation as the infographic is no longer limited in the digital medium only.

Interactive Charts & Tabs

Presenting data in words and numbers is old-fashion. You need more than that to stand out of the crowd and Piktochart makes this a lot easier by visualizing the data in various eye-appealing form, such as dot lines, charts, tabs, and more.

Again, the infographic created by Piktochart is not just a plain image only. It is live and interactive! It gives you different hovering effect on the infographic and thus making it a lot more interesting.


The Piktochart  V2 has shown us many improvement and covered many aspect from all angle. You can hardly find the similar features provided by Piktochart at other infographic tool at this moment. It’s pioneer, exclusive and cutting-edge in its field. With just $29 a month ($3.33 for student), Piktochart is definitely a no-brainer choice when it comes to infographic tool.

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