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I believed travelling is everyone favourite relaxation. Be it domestic or abroad, travelling definitely is an effective tool to unwind the routine working stress, and helps to rejuvenate us, both mentally and physically. However, at time the tedious trip planning process is just killing us, and might hold us back to rethink our decision. This situation happens, especially when we are surveying for air ticket that suits our budget and schedule. There is high possibility that we might end up asking ourselves, “Where on earth, can I find a cheap air flight ticket!?”.

Fleapy air ticket search engine

No more worries! Fleapy, which is our featured ‘Web app of the month’, provides you the ultimate solution to purchase the cheapest AirAsia’s flight tickets. Apart from that, we would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation to Fleapy team for the time spending on the interview with us. Don’t forget to check it out either!


Fleapy is a sole-purpose and FREE web application to help you to find the lowest flight fare of AirAsia in a simple manner. When I first landed at Fleapy.com, the homepage mesmerized my eyes with such a sleek and pleasant interface. No doubt, the score-barless Fleapy’s homepage is one of the best websites that I like to stumble upon, and it certainly fulfills the most important attribute of a web application- Simplicity.

Fleapy review

Being such a user-friendly interface, I strongly believe Fleapy will succeed to gratify all aspects of goal, without overwhelming the visitor.  From the perspective of a web user, I would say that the loading speed of the script is satisfying. Still, I guess it always has the room of improvement, and of course, the faster the better!

Using Fleapy

Once you have landed at Fleapy.com, you can get your searching started right away without any registration. Just select your destination, state of departure, and check if you want a round trip or one way. After that, punch the search button, and you will be prompted to the search result immediately.

fleapy review


At the result page, you need to select the date of departures of the respective places if you are buying a round-trip ticket. Similarly, you will be prompted to some sort of summary page, indicating the flight that you have chosen.  Not only that, it is convenient for you to book the air ticket on the spot as well.

Fleapy review

Conclusion and Suggestion

Fleapy is one of the most creative and practical web applications I have seen. Most importantly, this is free! As I played around and delved into the Fleapy core, I found things work out almost perfectly even it is in Beta stage now.  This proved the great effort of Fleapy team.

As I know, Fleapy team has a plan to integrate other airlines as well, which I think is a brilliant idea. Just to brimming up thing, I would suggest Fleapy, not only to integrate more airlines but also implement a comparison feature between the competitors. This is simply because consumers do like to compare products before purchasing.

Another suggestion would be related to the Fleapy’s logo. The logo design is cool, and I am not going to talk about the design anyway. What I would like to suggest is to add a homepage link to the logo itself. It is a standard practice for the web, and I think that is a good navigation form to ease your visitor.

Last but not least, excellent job to Fleapy’s team, you make Malaysians proud, and wish you all the best!

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