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Innovate with technology and design to inspire! This is the belief and driving force behind TeZeal.com. On top of that, we’re constantly looking for passionate and creative individuals to join the coolest editorial team, as well as to solidify our belief. If you’re the person who love to crank mind for technology and design, yet writing is your hobby, then we definitely would like to hear more from you.


Getting Rolled!

At this moment, Tezeal.com has a monthly unique visitor of 65k+ and total pageviews of 110k+. No doubt, the number is growing strong under the endeavour of our team. We cover a diverse range of topics related to technology and design, and if you’ve no idea where to start, better picture can be found at the categories we covered below. Of course, we always like to hear cool idea and new suggestion from you.



Tips and Tricks

Web 2.0

Web Application





What We Think is Cool..

Unique, very unique, and most unique! We’re cool and we don’t like copycat of other’s work. You should only submit original work, and get the permission for all the images used in the particular post or provide a credit link to the owner if the image is issued under Creative Common License.

In return to your contribution, we would allow a (Non-Keyword) link to your website, profile page or personal portfolio. In addition, we do appreciate your effort of every published post in cash! The amount of money depends on the quality and length of the article and generally regular writer will earn more.


We’re looking..

So, if you’re interested and ready to give a blast of your article at Tezeal, please drop us an email at admin[at]tezeal.com. However, before that you should check if the article complies with the following criteria:

  • The article must be written in English only.
  • We would prefer format in Windows Live Writer Post (.wpost), but we also accept HTML or docx.
  • All images in a particular post should be standardized in either width of 500px, 550px or 600px only. The source of the image should be clearly stated too.
  • The article shall not less than 300 words.

Last but not least, contain the articles, related images and relevant material in a zip file, and send it to admin[at]tezeal.com along with the author’s bio. You’ll be contacted within 5 to 7 days regarding the submission status, after we have reviewed the article.